Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have just completed Week 12 of Term 1. This has been achieved due to your huge support, understanding and dedication to our school.
I would like to thank everyone concerned for your positive and upbeat attitude. This is a credit to our parents/guardians and to all the staff and students in Our Lady of Fatima School.

Bridget Leacy (Deputy Principal)

Reminder to all parents:

NB If your child has been absent due to Covid19, it is imperative that a parent/guardian completes a Declaration form on their child’s return to school. The link is below. It is also to be found on class platforms (Seesaw, Class Dojo) and has been sent via text and email.

A Social Story for your child – what is a close contact?

Please click below for a Parent’s Guide: If your child is a close contact of COVID-19 in school
Expert advice is provided to parents by Dr Abigail Collins, HSE on what to do if your child has been in close contact with Covid-19 in school.
HSE Information – Click Here

We have been a very ‘Active School’ this term! As you all know we are aiming to receive our Active Schools Flag. Apart from partaking in extra-curricular activities, such as Stretch and Grow, horse-riding and tennis, we are in the middle of the ‘Active Break Challenge!’ This involves us all having a movement break throughout the day, whether it’s a run, dance, walk or some form of exercise!
Each class has an Active Schools Leader. This is a very important and responsible task, as they must ensure everyone is ‘Doing their walking as they’re talking’ on yard and participating in the ‘Active Break Challenge.’ Here are our Active School Leaders:

Junior 1- Jason Hartigan
Junior 2- Chloe Harmon Browne
Junior 3- Greg Whelan
Junior 4- Amy Fortune
Middle 1- Chloe Wilburn
Middle 2- Grace Cogley
Middle 3- Tristan Pitman
Middle 4- Ella Doyle
Senior 1- Kevin Kinsella
Senior 2- Chantelle Campbell
Senior 3- Seán Nolan
Senior 4- Owen Thorpe

Remember ‘Get up, get active, keep fit!’

Classroom News

Middle 1bring Christmas cheer to OLAF!
Middle 1 : have completed their colourful seashell rainbow in our sensory garden. It looks beautiful!

M1 have also taken on the mammoth task of decorating the yard for the whole school to enjoy. We have put Christmas baubles and lights on all the trees outside. We also put wreathes and bows on the playground fence. M1 wanted to bring lots of Christmas cheer to the school. See photos below!

M1 are also running an exciting Christmas Decoration Competition. The decorations have to be at least 1m high. These will be hung in our hall. Pictures to follow in December Newsletter!

Anyone for Tennis?

Our school was very grateful to receive a tennis net from the local Tennis Club. Both classes Middle 2 and Middle 3 have started tennis lessons with the local tennis coach Trevor Harkness. He is a Tennis Ireland qualified coach. We are delighted to have his time and energy to help us learn the game. Student Rachel Brown commented that “the coach is really nice. I am looking forward to doing it again. I was so happy about this tennis lesson.” This is a picture of Middle 2 playing tennis…….

Senior 3: Science Week

There are scientists in Senior 3!!
For Science week, students in Senior 3 enjoyed doing lots of different experiments. We used skittles to show how warm water dissolves sugar! We designed our very own marble art using shaving foam and paint. We learned how to test the freshness of eggs- remember if it floats it is bad!! We even made our own playdough with flour, water and salt!
One of our experiments did not work- ‘drawing on water,’ but that’s the excitement of science!! Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t!!

Senior 4 News

There is great excitement and anticipation in Senior 4 as they have resumed “The Last Man Standing” for the new season of soccer. There will be a financial prize at the end of this competition so best of luck to those involved.
Senior 4 have been preparing to complete their School Leavers Profiling which will take place next month with the HSE Adult Disability Services.
They have been completing their Orienteering for PE over at “The Rocks” every week. The students are really enjoying this escape from the classroom.
Senior 4 are busy practicing their Christmas Lámh Factor Song.
In addition, they have been researching and compiling lists of residents in a local nursing home who will receive our Christmas Cards.
Darren has been busy making a Post Box that will be placed in the hall for Junior Students to post their cards.

Baking Chocolate Croissants with ASD students and Ms Sheehan

Sophie, Amy, Mick, Tadgh, Shreya and Chloe made chocolate croissants this month.

Junior 1: full of energy!

Junior 1 went to the Rocks for a nature walk recently.
On our way, we saw a Garda car at the station.

Home Economics

The students of M4 and S1 continue to improve their culinary skills and broaden their food choices. M4 has designed their textile craft project for the Home Economics CBA. As they learn new skills our class motto is:

  • I can’t…..does NOTHING!
  • I’ll try….does WONDERS!
  • I will…..does EVERYTHING!

As they master the technique with their hook and fabric, they are beginning to understand that handcraft work can be very rewarding and relaxing.


Fatima Special School are on a mission to build a Sensory Garden for our students.
Our special needs assistant Lorraine Mc Mahon and fellow runner Anthony Kennelly will run 5 marathons in 5 consecutive days during Christmas Week December 20th-24th and our Sna Chris Colfer will complete the 12 Runs of Christmas of varied distances, all to raise funds for this cause.

The vision we have for our garden will include a sheltered pergola, seating, many different features, surfaces, objects and plants that stimulate the senses through touch, sight, smell, taste and sound. A beautiful space that will be both calming and therapeutic, reducing their anxiety levels and benefitting our students with complex needs, sensory impairments and Autism.
You can donate here

This is a huge undertaking and we hope you can donate to this much needed cause. Please help our goal and we thank you so much for your generosity.

As staff returned to work last Monday, a lovely surprise awaited each of them!
A gift pack from The BOM.
We wish to thank you for this beautifully packaged, thoughtful gift. We are very grateful!

Credit Union ART Competition

Congratulations to students from OLAF who were successful winners in this year’s Credit Union ART Competition. The Credit Union Art Competition has been a feature of life for young and old throughout Ireland for decades. This competition plays an important role in promoting the culture of art, a vital cog in our national identity. There have been many outstanding entries from OLAF students over the years, encouraged and mentored by their teachers. This year we can add the following names to the list of victors:

Category 8 -10 years:
Ist Cathal Wheelock
2nd James Farell
3rd Greg Whelan

Category 11 -13 years:
1st Leighton Kennedy
2nd Tadgh O’ Shaughnessy
3rd Scott Hughes

Category 14 – 17 years
2nd Sean Nolan
3rd Jonathan Dunphy

An update from Mr. Terry Whitty, Chairperson of the PA.

Unfortunately the workings of the Parents Association have been very difficult this year due to the pandemic and lock down restrictions. Our Annual fundraiser (church gate collection) did not go ahead and as a result vital funds have not been collected. Regular meetings and the running of the association have been paused until we can resume in a safe environment. We hope to get back to regular business in the the coming New Year and welcome anyone who would like to get involved with the Parents Association.
I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Parents Association and Guardians, to thank all the staff of Our Lady of Fatima School for doing a fantastic job keeping our children safe in these difficult times.
Wishing everyone in the school health and happiness.
Kind Regards, Terry.

Cover and Cough!

Look out for our Special Christmas Edition Newsletter –
Out 22nd December 2020!