Wellbeing Quote for May

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome to our newsletter!
The summer term has got off to a great start. Read below about the activities that have already taken place, and you will appreciate the energy and industriousness of staff and students in our school.  From participating in Wexford’s Fittest Schools (staff and student teams) to teacher training in Finland (Erasmus + KA1 project), it is evident that our school embraces and is very much involved in activities at Local, National and European level.  This term we have a had a visit from an MEP (Grace O’Sullivan), who advised our Green School Committee on their latest venture – Water Flag; our Junior students have returned to the swimming pool and our soccer teams have represented the school at an interschools tournament in Waterford. Well done to everyone involved. 

An Important date in our annual school calendar is Fatima Day (13th May) and this year it will also be Confirmation Day.   We wish all candidates our best wishes on this very special occasion in their lives.  

Other events that will take place this term include Sports Day, Graduation and Prize-giving.  I would also like to draw your attention to the section under School Uniform.  A link is provided for parents to pre-order/purchase the new school sports wear. It offers style and comfort, and is provided by a local company. We hope you like it! 

Let’s hope for a sunny summer term! 

Best Wishes, 

Glenda McKeown 


Junior 2

J2 started forest school this term and are loving it so far! We have been looking for tadpoles, making a fire, toasting marshmallows and doing lots more cool stuff in the outdoors. A big thank you to our forest school teacher Austin for having us.
We made some yummy cornflake nests as a special Easter treat. We melted chocolate, mixed in the cornflakes and decorated with chocolate eggs. We were delighted with how they turned out!
We had an Easter egg hunt around the school, we got a chance to practice our rhyming words while solving the clues!! Thankfully we found the treasure at the end!

Middle 2

Since January, Middle 2 have been very busy. We completed 4 weeks in Forest school, an experience that was enjoyed by all and hope there will be a new adventure to experience next year.
Middle 2 completed a Sketchnoting webinar. Sketchnoting, also commonly referred to as visual notetaking, is the creative and graphic process through which individuals can record their thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts. This webinar was enjoyable and showed us how to draw our feelings, emotions and a variety of adjectives which also really encouraged the students to build on extending their vocabulary.
We also were in attendance for a live interview webinar with the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Chris has a wonderful and positive mindset; his interview was both inspiring and informative. We learnt lots of interesting facts about living in Space, the complexities of adapting to life on earth after spending a significant amount of time in Space was something we had not thought about before the interview.
Our dancing shoes were dusted off and strapped on with enthusiasm when we heard we were being given the fantastic opportunity of dance classes with Jonny. It has been so much fun. All the students have embraced the dance routines with gusto! It has also the closest Ms. Harney has been to a nightclub in many years! We are also participating in Soccer training, and it has been going well. We have some very talented soccer players in our class.
We have started horticulture as a project with Ms. Leonard and we have started planting seeds. We are very grateful to Ms. Leonard for her kindness and offering her time to assist us with this. Next term we will be able to update you on our progress.

Middle 3

The class visited Johnstown Castle and had a great day walking around the lake.  Another great place to visit in Wexford. See below some of our excellent work. Ms Carter and SNA Gavin and Patricia also enjoyed the day.

Senior 1

Senior 1 begun a very busy term by completing their CBA’s (Classroom Based Assessments) for both Home Economics and Art.

The students then undertook their cookery assessment on the 3rd of May and received excellent feedback on their delicious meals. We definitely have some budding Michelin Star Chefs in Fatima. With fifty percent of the subject completed the students are now studying hard for the written examination, the morning of June 15th. Best of luck!!
The students completed their art assessment and the work is amazing in terms of creativity and individuality. We are eagerly and confidently awaiting the art examiner and wish these students the best of luck.

Following this effort and dedication Mrs Mckeown spoke of how proud she was of the class and surprised the students with a class visit to the Talbot Hotel to celebrate their exams. The students relaxed and enjoyed a hot chocolate and biscuits.

The students took part in the first aid and defib training which they really enjoyed. A massive thanks to Terry Whitty and Michelle Cogley for their time and efforts in teaching the students life saving techniques.

Senior 2

Senior 2 had a busy month. We took part in a 6 week digital leadership programme. The course covered exciting topics including computational thinking, coding, pixel art and game creation. The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience and gained a wealth of new skills. 

We also went to see the exhibition in the County Council which was inspired by the famous wexford artist Eileen Gray. This exhibition was curated by a local wexford man, Richard Malone. The students loved seeing the wonderful creations such as pottery, sculptures, iron works and spectacular rugs. 

Senior 3

Senior 3 enjoyed lot of activities this term (Forest Schools, tennis, GAA and dancing)

Forest Schools

Forest School was the highlight of this term for all students. We really enjoyed our block at Forest Schools. We found frog spawn and kept an eye on how the tadpoles were developing from week to week. We researched the life cycle of a frog. Each week we set up a campfire and toasted marshmallows/ made popcorn or made hot chocolate. We also made pendants, log cabins and a raft.


Senior 3 are continuing to improve our tennis skills from week to week. All the students are very good at serving the ball now. Keep practicing Senior 3.


Senior 3 also enjoyed GAA the last few weeks. The leaned how to hand pass and to kick the ball correctly. They had great fun participating in the fun warm up and cool down drills.


Dancing was another popular activity this term. Senior 3 liked learning lots of new dance moves from Johnny.

Senior 3 won the St Patrick’s Day class award. Well Done

This term the school learners also began to get more prepared for moving on to the next chapter in our lives. They have been working on communication/passport booklet with Amy. We have started to visit some of the places our school leavers will be attending next year, and we will continue to do this after Easter.

Senior 4

 Senior 4 have been having fun planting their vegetables for their Incredible Edibles Project.

 All students had great fun dressing up for World Book Day 3rd March.

Senior 4 organised the St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations which were held outside in the basketball court. Each class performed their party piece. Senior 4 students danced “The Walls of Limerick”.

They coupled this up with a fundraiser for Ukraine. Students made Ukrainian badges and sold them to everyone. They raised €200.00 for the cause.

On 21st and 22nd March, the Senior classes attend a First Course facilitated by Terry Whitty and Michelle Cogley from our Parents Association.

Some students from Senior 4 have been attending Work Experience at Rehab Care, NLN and the Railway Gallops.

Tuesday 5th April the school quiz team travelled to Portlaoise Parish Centre for the Regional Quiz. The came second and have made it into the All Ireland final, which will be held in Portlaoise in May.

Home Economics Class – Preparation for the Practical Examination

Senior 1 students undertook their Cooking Practical Assessment on Tuesday May 3rd. It went very well for all students thanks to their hard work.

Middle 4 – Craft Work for their Home Economics CBA – See Below

School Uniform: From September 2022

Sports Uniform: New Official School sports wear can be purchased using the link below. Portal closes 22nd May 2023. Parents can do this directly.

  • Official sports top (order using link) or Navy school jumper/sweatshirt with crest
  • Blue Polo shirt
  • Official School sports bottoms (order using link) or plain navy bottoms

No other sports wear to be worn please.School Uniform (No Changes)

  • Blue Polo Shirt
  • Navy trousers/skirt
  • Black shoes or all black runners
  • Navy jumper (with crest) only available from Hore’s Stores).
  • School Badge available in the office for €3 each

Soccer Blitz

Our girls took part in a soccer blitz in Waterford WIT on Thursday 28th April. They played 3 matches and won 3 matches winning the tournament. They scored lots of great goals, showed great skills and conducted themselves perfectly on and off the pitch. They made us very proud!

Parents Association – News

Terry Whitty message to our school community.

The Parents Association would like to thank the volunteers for the church gate collection, it covers the Wexford district. Thank you for giving up you time any raising much need funds to help support Our Lady of Fatima.

The Parents Association would like to congratulate the senior classes on the completion of Basic life support which include CPR and Defib training. Great to have these life saving skills well done all.

The Parents Association would like to thank Kilmore Quay savings club who kindly donated €500 to the Lady of Fatima school. The club was discontinued this year and surplus monies donated to different charities. 

Erasmus KA1 Mobility

Three teachers undertook an exciting and rewarding trip to Helsinki in Finland as part of training required under our Erasmus+ KAI. Ms Sinnott, Ms Ryan and Ms Shannon went for a week to train within the Finnish education system which has been proven to be one of the best in the world, scoring consistently at the top of different international studies (PISA, The UN Education Index, etc.). They were given a chance to discover, discuss, share knowledge, exchange ideas and experience everyday Finnish schools. They learnt first-hand how the Finnish education system operates at all levels.

Ms McCormack is undertaking an exciting visit to Spain this week as she was successful in securing a place on the KAI course also, which will complete all our mobilities. We wish her good luck on her trip and look forward to hearing from her when she returns.

Wellbeing – First Aid and Defib Training

Both Terry Whitty and Michelle Cogley spent two days in school undertaking first aid and defib training with the senior classes. It was a very valuable experience and possibly life saving. A huge thanks you to Terry and Michelle for their time. Some pictures of students in action during their training….

Ms Harpur organised Food Dudes which started after Easter on April 25th. 

It was very successful in supporting healthy eating and lifestyles.

What is the Food Dudes Programme? 

In Ireland, the EU School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme is delivered through the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme. It works by changing children’s attitudes towards healthy eating, allowing them to cultivate a liking for fresh fruit and vegetables. Built and developed on three pillars of scientific merit, (1) repeated tastings, (2) rewards and (3) role modelling, Food Dudes has proven itself as an effective evidence-based school-based healthy eating programme.

Take a moment to read through examples and see how much time you give to the actions each day. Life can be hectic at times, but taking time to incorporate one or more of the Five Ways to Wellbeing can improve wellbeing.

Wexford’s Fittest School

For the second year Our Lady of Fatima has entered a team for ‘Wexford’s Fittest school competition’. This is a fundraiser to raise money for GAA coaching in schools and is a fitness competition based around the popular TV programme ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’. This has been organised by the Wexford GAA with first prize being €5000 worth of O’Neill’s sports equipment for the winning school. 

The four team members representing our school include, teachers Mr. Lehane and Mrs. Sheehan and SNA Chris and new to the school this year SNA Lyn.  On Monday 5th of May, two student school teams competed in a student event and both our teams were just amazing. The entire school shouted and roared in support of our students in Wexford Park. Inspired by the students the staff team put in a mammoth effort as they battled it out against other schools in the county, in timed trial events to see if they can make it through to the semi-final. They deserve a good rest!!


We had a double celebration on May 13th with Fatima Day and Confirmation. Students enjoyed a wonderful  time that included a visit from the Ice Cream Van. Pictures to follow in next edition.

The Schools Sports Day will take place on Thursday 23rd of June. We look forward to another fun packed day for the students to enjoy. All parents are welcome to attend the sports day at St Marys GAA pitch.

Class Platforms
Remember to check the Class Platforms for updates on the events and dates until the end of the school year!!!!

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Return to school on Tuesday 7th of June.
Have a lovely/safe break to all!!!