Dear Parents & Guardians,

Our Lady of Fatima School is so busy at the moment with all the activities taking place and there’s a great sense of wellbeing, energy and positivity! 
World Earth Day generated huge interest in our Planet and was reflected in the beautiful displays and buzz in every classroom!  
In addition to this, seeing the level of “working out” and the competitive element among each group there’s no doubt that our title should be “Fatima the Fittest School in Wexford”.
Well done everyone!

Mrs. Waters
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Declaration Form

Common symptoms of Covid-19:If any of these symptoms are present children should NOT attend school 1. A fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius or above)
2. A new cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry
3. Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
4. Loss or change to their sense of smell or taste
5. Sore Throat
6. Headache
7. Diarrhoea
 Parents and Guardians are asked to have a heightened awareness of signs, symptoms or changes in baseline which suggests illness/Covid-19 infection.In addition to this, children should stay at home if feeling unwell in general. A precautionary approach should be taken at all times!
For more information on Symptoms – Click here
Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. Many classes in our school celebrated the day, by taking part in different activities, including discussion, research and hands on activities (e.g. Nature Bracelets – J1)
The theme for 2021 was – “Restore Our Earth”. 

Take a look below at the wonderful display board created by Middle 1 class and Junior 1 modeling their “nature bracelets”. 

Wexford’s Fittest School
Our Lady of Fatima are entering a team for ‘Wexford’s Fittest school competition’. This is a fundraiser to raise money for GAA coaching in schools and is a fitness competition based around the popular TV programme ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’. This has been organised by the Wexford GAA with first prize being €5000 worth of O’Neill’s sports equipment for the winning school.  The four team members representing our school include, teachers Mr. Lehane and Mrs. Sheehan and SNAs Chris and Lorraine.  On Monday 3rd May, they will battle it out against other schools in the county, in timed trial events to see if they can make it through to the semi-final. We wish them the very best of luck and cheer them on as they go for gold!

Fatima FM
 DJ Sheehan presented another high octane show on 23rd April, that included the announcement of results of 2 recent competitions. During the show, Senior 1 class were crowned “Fatima’s Fittest Class”. In order to win this accolade, students had to hold a wall squat and plank for a long as possible (and using the correct position). A combined score of the top 5 performances from each individual class was the criteria for success.
Individual winners of each event were as follows:
1. James and David – Senior 1 – Wall Squat
2. Jenny K – Senior 1 – Plank

For the second competition, students were asked to guess the names of the staff members, who will be representing our school at “Wexford’s Fittest School” (see above). The winner of this competition was Andrew from Senior 2.  Well done everyone! 
ASD Junior Class
This month, Shreya and Chloe have been learning about keeping fit and have been practicing their yoga moves outside in the sunshine. There has been a great improvement of balancing skills using the balance beam. 
It was James’ and Scott’s turn to make smoothies for their healthy eating topic. A perfect healthy treat after all that exercise!

Senior 2Art and Craft – Continuing our Mindful Journey!
Students from Senior 2 advocate the arts in allowing for greater focus and concentration throughout the school day. It is especially important in helping them to take time out to relax and recharge.. Wise words indeed!

Junior 2

We celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd and J2 came up with lots of great ways to look after our earth. We made a poster to remind everyone to save water and to plant trees. 
We have been learning all about plants and flowers in SESE. We planted some strawberries, potatoes, some wild flowers and a sunflower. We have been watering them everyday to make sure they grow. 
Van Gogh inspired us to paint some sunflowers in our art lesson.
J2 started horse riding in the last few weeks! We are having such fun riding and looking after the horses! We are also making great progress completing jigsaws!
Have a look below at the fun we are having!

ASD Senior Class
This month, senior students from Ms Weld’s class worked really hard on their beautiful string art designs. Hammering nails and designing the string to make these amazing pieces of art. 

Junior 1
Our theme this month is Transport. We looked at photos and discussed trips the children have taken by sea and by air.
We’ve been learning transport themed Lámh signs and integrated the theme into our literacy and numeracy lessons too.
We’re fortunate enough to have an experienced biker in our midst in school and we were very grateful to SNA John Davitt for holding a Q&A session with the children. We saw spectacular photos of some of his trips around Europe and we got see his helmet and gloves!

In keeping with our Transport theme, we’re looking forward to taking the train or bus together to Rosslare Stand in the coming weeks.

Home Economics – Senior 1

Senior One has finished honing their practical cookery skills in the home economics room!  They have all learned so much, I really enjoyed teaching this group of students.   Their practical cookery exams will be the week – 10th, 11th, 12th of May.  Each student is responsible to bring their own ingredients to class for their exam.   

Home Economics – Middle 4
 M4 has been very busy too in the Home Economics room. This month was especially tasty and fun. Everyone was delighted with their pizza scones. They all loved learning how to twist the yeast dough into a Soft Pretzel shape. We are looking forward to baking Quiche Lorraine this week, using fresh Turkey eggs from one of our students.  
Textile Craft work continues, some students have completed their project.  Each design is different. They are both wonderfully creative and colourful.


Middle 3
Middle 3 are coming to the end of the second eTwinning project that they have been involved in this academic year – Adventurous Learners.  The aim of the project was to discover that outdoor learning can be an enrichment for pupils and can enable them to learn beyond the borders of their classroom. One of the tasks they were asked to achieve involved “Planting”.  They realised that some of the most valuable learning experiences can come from an opportunity to move, explore, discover and create. The aim of the project was to introduce the environment like a school and give the opportunity to pupils to go back to nature.

Click on the button below and you will discover how Middle 3 transformed “the garden space” outside their classroom, while learning and attaining important skills along the way.
Welcome to Our Garden
Senior 4
Senior 4 was also involved in the recent competition to find “Fatima’s Fittest Class”.  Although not the winners on this occasion, the students of Senior 4 showed determination, mental and  physical strength as they attempted to win the prestigious crown! The second picture shows members of the class enjoying a well deserved snack after their sporting exertion, made during life skills class.
Junior 3Like their fellow students, Junior 3 have also been active and involved in whole school activity this month. See pictures below of the class participating in world art day, world earth day and Fatima’s fittest school challenge.

Middle 1M1 has had a splendid Spring season!  Gerard, Misha and Ciara celebrated their birthdays this month. The entire class has engaged in outdoor lessons in their garden whenever the weather permits.  They celebrated World Art Day and World Earth Day. They planted seeds and hope to have a vegetable crop in the coming months! They also walk 1km a day as part of “Active Schools”. Everyone is getting fitter and stronger!  They will continue to work diligently during the final term in school this year!
Junior 4
Junior 4 has been very busy this month helping Chris prepare for Wexford’s fittest school. We really enjoyed Fatima’s fittest class and we got some fantastic times for the wall sit and plank. 
We learned all about Earth Day and why it is important to take care of our planet. We thought it would be a great idea to do some litter picking while out for some of our walks as we wanted to do our part to help the planet. We also made some paper maché planet Earths.


School closed: Friday 30th April 2021 & Monday 3rd April 2021

Return to school – 4th May 2021

Please remember to complete “Return to School Declaration Form” on your child’s return.
 You can find link to form on this Newsletter and on your child’s class platform