Erasmus +

Erasmus +

DIRES: Disability-Inclusive Schools-Respect-Europe-Social Dialogue

About the project

We would like to develop a European educational partnership between six participating organisations, focusing on Inclusion for disabled students. It will help to reduce disparities, not only in learning at school, but also by encouraging students with special needs to participate actively in activities and mobilities (Erasmus +) offered by the project. Teachers will also benefit from the project by exchanging experiences and by developing new competences and methodologies to adapt their courses to the needs of the students.


The students will participate in European mobilities for disabled and mainstream students. There will be inclusion in pairwork (group and collaborative) between disabled and mainstream students. All students will participate in adapted, concrete and play activities. Our aim in this project is for a better and easier integration of all differences, particularly those of students with special needs. There is the possibility for students to develop their mobility and to find new friends in Europe, outside their school. this will also be achieved by penpaling (email, use of “Chat” feature, video-conferencing) and of course by using Twinspace. The students will have the opportunity to communicate and use English as a common language. It will also enable students to use a foreign language prehaps learned at school.


Introduction: All partners will Introduce themselves – My School, My Town, My Country. ( Powerpoint or Prezi) – November 2015
That’s me: Padlet. Students who are involved in LTT, can use this before travelling to introduce themselves – January/March/May 2016 and October/March 2017
Classes that are exchanging letters/penpals can do so using email/letter writing/Chat. This can be done on a regular basis, especially before mobility and Special events/occasions/days/holidays – Ongoing
Logo Competition: Display each countries winning logos and overall winning logo – January
Recipes: Our page on traditional recipes which will be combined to make our Visual Muticultural Cookbook – Begin in January 2016. Cookbook printed – end product.
Map Activity: Each partner school will collect information on and create a tourist map on the host country.
Newsletters: Produced using Smore after every LTT
Europe: Creation of Europe man
Musical Performance: Video
Art Expo


Production of Multicultural Visual Cookbook
Creation of Virtual Maps
Use of Twinspace
Use of common blog
Creation and building of a network of Inclusive schools and the development of social dialogue around the subject of Inclusion- Booklet
To develop new competences and experiences by working with other teachers from different schools with various structures.
To discover new behaviours and approches to the subject of disability in European schools and in society.
To learn more about the structures in education for students with special needs.