Dear Parents/Guardians,

As school draws to an end we look back on another most unusual and difficult year.

Our staff and students are to be commended on how well they have adapted and coped with the changes that have had to be put in place…their resilience is amazing!

On behalf of School Management, I wish everyone an enjoyable, relaxing and safe summer.

I thank all of you, Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff for your cooperation, support and understanding in this year and in the past and wish you all a fond farewell.

I would also like to take this opportunity to send Mrs. McKeown every best wish and success for the future as your new Principal.

For everything, thank you!

Most sincerely,
Mrs. Waters


The students of Our Lady of Fatima School were asked to describe what you mean to them…. these words say it all!
Our collaborative Wordcloud.


Tributes from all the classes to Mrs. Waters

A Tribute to Mrs. Waters from ALL the Staff at Our Lady of Fatima School – We will miss you! Thank you for all the kindness and support you have shown to each and every one of us!


  • CONFIRMATION 2021: Wednesday 22nd September @11am, Bride St. Church.
  • We are launching our new school website – 30/06/2021. Click on the button below! You will find all information required for the new school year, including a calendar  for 2021-2022.
     Updates will be made to website information before return to school on 31st September 2021 (all school community).

As from September 2021 Aladdin Connect will be the main platform for communication between Parents and Staff in Our Lady of Fatima School.
Class Platforms e.g. Class Dojo, Seesaw Microsoft Teams will continue be a form of communication between staff and students.

The ALADDIN CONNECT App is available to download on your phone: 

Aladdin Connect is used by Irish primary schools to securely communicate and share information with parents/guardians. As well as messages from the school, you can view details that the school shares about your child’s attendance, test results, report cards, homework, and library books. You can also enter reasons for your child’s absences from the Aladdin Connect app.
Aladdin Connect is accessed via a secure login. You sign in securely to Aladdin Connect from your computer, laptop or smartphone. Once your school is using Aladdin Connect, they will send you an access code so you can register with Aladdin Connect. Then you can download the Aladdin Schools Connect app to receive instant notifications from the school and to have convenient and secure access to your child’s information from your mobile device.
From a data protection point of view, Aladdin Connect aids in a school’s compliance with data protection law (GDPR)
Aladdin Connect is a fantastic way to enhance a school’s communication with its parents and helps you to stay connected and informed about your child’s education. 

Aladdin Connect allows parents to register.

  • Late/Early Collections
  • Absence Notes
  • Return to School Declaration Form
  • Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Report Cards
  • School calendar


School Awards 2020 – 2021

Junior Student: Gabby Whelan
Middle Student: Ava Rutka
Senior Student: Matthew Cleary
Overall:Student of The Year: Finn Keegan
Sportsman: Greg Whelan
Sportswoman: Tia Callery
Spirit of Leon: Mick Cash
Tyler Murphy Attendance Award: Sinéad Martin
Special Award: Reece Holden
Home Economics: Jenny Keeling
ASD: Chloe Harmon Brown
Resource: David Stewart
Art: Abigail Little

Well done to all our wonderful students! We are very proud of each and everyone of you!


Student of Year
J1 – Helenmaria Steenson Pedro
J2 – Daisy Mae Whitty
J3 – James Farrell
J4 – Pierce Barry
M1 – Clodagh Darcy
M2 – Conor Black
M3 – Oona Keevey
M4 – Katie Webster
S1 –  Eric Woods
S2 – Muireann Hore
S3 – Shanice O’Connor Moorehouse

Student of Term
J1 – Jason Hartigan
J2 – Ben O’Connor
J3 – Cathal Wheelock
J4 – Isaac Mackey
M1 – Gerard Reck
M2 – Gerard Tonge
M3 – Daniel O’Brien
M4 – Sorcha Donnelly
S1 – David Brown
S2 – Dylan Cullen
S3 – Ella Bates


Junior 1

Our theme this month is Summer and The Seaside! We’ve been using our 4 senses to notice signs of summer. We’re comparing summer clothes to winter clothes. We’ve studied the starfish and were fascinated to learn that it cannot swim, it has two stomachs and several eyes at the end of each arm! We’ve been noticing and tracing our shadows on sunny days. Our Father’s Day art also reflected our theme.
We enjoyed our Sports Day and our School Tour this month too! We’ve had great fun.


Middle 1

June was a month of creativity in M1. We completed lots of different art projects.
We did a project on our star signs and characteristics of our personalities!
We completed our bottle top art, a huge project for M1.
We did a project on Wassily Kandinsky, very impressive artwork!
We also created a goodbye board for Mrs Waters with M2, we did portraits of Mrs Waters, they are beautiful drawings.
We did lots of outdoor activities including gardening, walks, sports day and our amazing school tour in the IOAC!
The students in M1 this year have been absolutely amazing in school and with online learning! A tough year for all. Well done M1
M1 wishes Mrs. W
aters the very best
Mrs. Kent


Senior 4

  • Senior 4 have had an industrious and enjoyable month, marking the end of their education in OLF. We wish them every success as they embark on new adventures!
  • Senior 4 attended work experience in Nova, National Learning Network and Cúmas.
  • They enjoyed a wonderful Sports Day at St. Mary’s pitch, June 11th 2021.
  • In-house exams were completed 14th – 17th June 2021.
  • The class of 2021 had their Graduation Ceremony Thursday 17th June 2021. This ceremony was celebrated by Fr. Billy Swan in the beautiful sunshine in the school Courtyard.
  • Senior 4 went on their school tour to IOAC in Tagoat. The students enjoyed Archery, Berserker and Kayaking.
  • Finn Keegan received the “Noelle Dunphy” Plaque for the Overall Student of the School – congratulations Finn!

Home Economics – Senior 1 Celebrations – The colours of the Rainbow!

Student of the Year: Jenny Keeling – for her outstanding worth ethic in all areas of Home Economics. Cookery, theory and textile craft!
S1 Student of the Term. For their team work skills, their willingness to ‘TRY’ everything and their enthusiasm in the Home Economics program. Shared equally between Lili O’Brien Dobbs, Kevin Kinsella and Darragh Moran.


Senior 3 – Home Economics

Senior 3 class have enjoyed learning new cookery skills. They made the following of their favourite foods: Traditional brown bread, floury Soda Scones, French Toast, homemade burgers and Stuffed Omelette.


Salad Days with Middle 4 Home Economics Class

The M4 Home Economics Student of the Year is Lee Kelly, who has given his best effort in both Cookery and Textile Craft. His genuine curiosity and skills will serve him well in life.
M4 Student of the term. Glenn Molloy. Glenn has developed excellent culinary skills, has a good work ethic and he is learning to enjoy different foods.


Senior 2

It has been a challenging year for all students and Senior 2 have shown great resilience, always having a smile and a kind word for each other. I look forward to hearing about your summer adventures in September. You have all matured considerably and should be very proud of what you have achieved during the year. Wishing you all a happy and safe summer. Enjoy it, you have earned it!. A big thank you to all parents for their continued support.
Ms Maloney


Junior Certificate Artwork

Take a look below at some of the incredible artwork created by students in M4, S1 & S2. Well done to both the studnets and their teacher Ms. Gallagher.


Junior 2

Junior 2 have had a very busy month!
We had great fun on sports day. Everyone tried really hard and were very good sports on the day. We had one outright winner; Gabby, while Ben and Kacie were runners up. Everyone was delighted with their certificate of participation.
We have also been busy with the bottle top project. Junior 2 worked very hard painting and sticking bottle tops onto their snail. We are very happy with the result.
We went on our school tour to Blackwater Open Farm with Junior 1. It was a super day, we played in the playground, on the go-karts and we even got to hold some animals after our tour on the farm. We’d like to say a big thank you to the fantastic staff at the farm for helping us to make some lovely memories.


Senior 1

Take a look at the article in a recent edition of the Wexford People – all about Senior 1
Senior 1 class put a lot of work into researching the ill effects of dog fouling and they hope that people will learn something from all their research.


Senior 3

Senior 3 had a fantastic year! We completed a lot of fun and exciting activities, while engaging with the Junior Cert level 2 curriculum and the life skills programme-ASDAN.
We received Gold in the Incredible Edibles Programme, we really enjoyed doing it.
Senior 3 students also started to create their ‘Outdoor classroom.’ We put a lot of work into this, we had to tidy up all the leaves, power wash the walls, glue old CDs onto the wall, design and paint our chairs, plant flowers and fix the fence! Our wonderful caretaker Richie helped us with this! We also created fairy doors for our ‘Outdoor Classroom.’
On Wednesday, the 23rd of June we went on our school to IOAC. We had a lot of fun!
We celebrated Seán’s, Ella’s, Matthew’s, and Shanice’s 18th birthdays throughout the year as well! We ate slice upon slice of cake!
Shanice graduated from Our Lady of Fatima last week. She starting a new and exciting chapter in her life. We will miss Shanice, as she is a wonderful young lady! Best of luck Shanice!
Well done Senior 3!!

Middle 2

Middle 2 completed their Junior Certificate Level 2 project work and presented their work by taking part in group PowerPoint presentations to the class. The class went on their school tour to Carrigfoyle Lake and despite the bad weather made the most of the day. Here is a class picture at the lake.
The students also visited Min Ryan Park and enjoyed all the different activities.
A fun day was enjoyed by all. The students were delighted to return to their coaching lessons at the local tennis club. Students had a great day and lots of fun on Sports Day see below.
The students went on a shopping trip for their Managing Money section of their JCL2 curriculum.

Junior 4

Junior 4 had a great day at Blackwater Farm. We found out lots of facts about lots of different animals.
Junior 4 engaged in all activities on Sports Days. Everyone tried their best and we had lots of fun. Well done to Tadhg, Adam, Alex and Amy who won prizes in the day.

Junior 4 have been taking advantage of the sun and have gone for lots of walks. We treated ourselves to ice cream 1 or 2 of the days.

Middle 3

Middle 3 have been busy this month learning about capacity and weight. Each student also did a short interview as part of their Preparing for Work Module. They have also been working on their own Acrostic Poem and Short Story.
It was not all work and no play, as they had a day out at Rosslare Strand and Johnstown Castle as part of their school tour.
A fun day out was had by all at our Sports Day.
The winners on the day were;
Niamh 1st, Oona 2nd and Aaron 3rd. The other students that participated received a certificate.

Incredible Edibles: OLF – A Gold Incredible Edible School.

Ms. Leacy received wonderful news this month from Agri-Aware, that our school is now a Gold Incredible Edible School -“We are delighted to tell you that you have achieved your accreditation to be a Healthy Eating School”, the message continued. We will receive a plaque and rosette as recognition of this achievement.
Well done to all classes that participated in this wonderful initiative!



Well done to all or our students and staff on completing another year through these difficult circumstances. We know a lot of hard work has been put in by staff and students alike and we want to thank you all for your efforts. So, take the summer holidays to recharge, have fun and enjoy time with your families. You all deserve a great holiday.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful Principal Rita Waters all the best on her retirement and express our appreciation for all the amazing hard work she has dedicated to our children, running this excellent school to such a high standard. Our heartfelt thanks to you on behalf of all the parents and children.

We would also like to congratulate Glenda McKeown on her new position as principal and look forward to working with you.

On return to school next term, we will be urgently appealing to ALL parents to consider joining the Parent Association as our numbers are so low, we might not have a P.A going into 2022. Throughout the previous years the P.A. has done phenomenal work benefitting our children immensely and it would be very sad to see this fade away due to lack of numbers.    If you would like to help, call me, Corrina on 085 7126589. Thank you

Enjoy your summer


IN ADDITION…………………….

Welcome to all the new families joining our amazing school in September. We have a Facebook group called ‘Parents of children attending Our Lady of Fatima School’ which is private and for parents only. Please take the time to answer the entry questions.
We would also like to extend an invitation to you and your children to an informal socially distanced coffee morning/playdate at Min Ryan park on Thursday 15th July at 11.30 and another on Wednesday 18th August at 11am weather permitting of course. Please join the Facebook group for any updates or changes and everybody is welcome.

Michelle O’ Neill

A huge cheer of congratulations to Michelle O’Neill, our incredibly talented swimming coach who is travelling to the Olympics in Tokyo this summer as a soccer referee!!!
Well done and much deserved!
Have a wonderful time Michelle!