September 2020

September 2020

Welcome back everyone!
A huge welcome to our new students Aoife, Laila, Kacie, David, James F., Tadhg, Adam, Alex, Isaac, Dominic, Chloe, Tia, Ciara, Clodagh, Sean, John, Kayla, James M., and Luke and to our new teachers Mrs Murphy and Ms. McCormack.
I must complement all the families for the amazing way you and your sons and daughters have adjusted to the changes we have had to implement in order to open and STAY open!
Thank you!
We are particularly appreciative of the way you are interacting with Bus Escorts in completing the tick sheet daily and in heeding our request to stay at home when unwell and remain there for 48 hours after recovery.
It hasn’t been easy for everyone, being back at school, new classes, new teachers but we in school and parents at home will try our best to be patient and soon we will all settle back into a routine!
Thank you all again,
most sincerely,
Rita Waters

Guidance for Parents:

Below is a quick guide which may be helpful explaining what you need to do in given situations

A. Children with a blocked or runny nose, but no feverCan attend school
B. Children with a blocked or runny nose requiring paracetamol or ibuprofen for their symptomsmust not attend school for 48 hours and GP assessment for testing is indicated
C. Children with the following symptoms:
shortness of breath
sore throat
loss or changed sense of taste or smell
must not attend school for 48 hours and GP assessment for testing is indicated
D. Children displaying the above symptoms in schoolParent/Guardian should arrange to have their child collected from school and should contact their GP to discuss clinical concerns.
 Parent/Guardian should advise school of the outcome
In all cases of C. and D.The GP will determine whether or not the pupil can:
return to school
restrict movement until symptom free
self-isolate pending further assessment
E. GP determines that pupil requires to be tested for Covid-19Parent/Guardian should ensure that all other household contacts should be removed from the school setting.
Parent/Guardian requested to advise school
F. Pupil has a Covid-19 “not detected”/negative resultPupil remains at home until clinically well enough to return to school, or unless specifically advised by the HSE Public Health to remain at home pending the outcome of other investigations
G. Pupil Tests positive for Covid-19Parent/Guardian advised that the result will have to be shared with the school, if this is deemed necessary by the Medical Officer of Health

In school, all students and staff are playing our part in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and other viruses and bacteria by cleaning our hands properly.

Please click on the button below to view the HSE’s video on “How to clean your hands”.


Holidays 2020/2021

Halloween Closed Mon 26th Oct—Fri 30th Oct inclusive.

Christmas School closes Tuesday 22nd December @ 12 noon.
Re-opens Wednesday 6th January 2021

Spring Mid Term Closed Mon 15th—Fri 19th Feb inclusive.

St. Patrick’s Day Wednesday 17th March

Easter Closed Mon 29th March to Fri 9th April inclusive.

May Bank Holiday Closed Friday 30th Apr & Mon 3rd May

June Bank Holiday Closed Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th & Mon 7th June.

Summer Holidays School closes on Wed 30th June @ 12.30 noon.

European School Sports Day

European School Sports Day (ESSD) sees schools across Europe take one day to celebrate sport and physical activity. We celebrated this day on Friday, 25th September The initiative aims to promote physical activity on an international level and involve as many children and young people, schools and organisations as possible. In our Lady of Fatima School we marked this day in school by engaging in an array of physical activities and games, inside and outside the classroom. These included athletics, ball games (throwing & catching) and guided classroom participation.

Speech & Language Therapy

Term 1
Begins in school 7th October 2020

The Rainbow Garden

Middle 1 are creating a sensory garden, which they are calling “The Rainbow Garden”.

The Rainbow Garden.
We began our wellbeing programme during the first week of school. Our main focus was to improve our garden and spend lots of time outdoors. We are lucky to have our own garden right outside our room! We weeded and trimmed the trees. We planted flowers and also planted bulbs for spring. Everyday we water the flowers, rake the leaves and brush the path. We have just completed our beautiful individual fairy doors. We ran a class competition to name our garden. The Rainbow ? Garden. Keep an eye on next month’s newsletter when we will tell you about our progress!

Classroom News

Junior 1: Students, their teacher Ms. Shannon & SNA Jacqui were pictured in the Wexford People recently (See below). All are settling in well and enjoying playing & learning together.

Junior 3: Four students from J3 made their first confession on the 24th September. They will make their communion next Wednesday the 30th, September. We wish Tyler, Kyle, Stephen and Fergal the very best of luck and hope they enjoy their special day

Home Economics

The students from S1 and M4 have begun their cookery lessons this year. We started by making Homemade Granola! It was delicious and the aroma drifting down the hall was even better. The students enjoyed sampling their granola with fresh berries and yogurt. I will be working with 3 students at a time in the kitchen. We will have lots of hands on learning of all the important kitchen life skills. Students are allowed to bring in an empty container on their cookery day, along with their 4€. Thank you for you continued support. M4 and S1 are also working on their textile craft project for their CBA1. You will be impressed with their creativity using just strips of t-shirts!


Congratulations to Middle 3 students (2019-2020) who won a National Quality Label for their project “Mindful Schools”. The students were commended for their really nice, well organised project, which was most relevant during these difficult times. The project was described as having a well structured Twinspace, clear learning outcomes and a good range of activities. Great resilience shown to continue the work during lockdown and school closures was noted! Well done to you all!

In 2018, the students and staff of our school, engaged in an eTwinning project: Our world of wellbeing: eat, sleep, play, dance and sing. The project’s aim was to help promote well-being in our school community. In doing so we adopted a whole school approach to health promotion. We communicated and collaborated with schools in Italy, Turkey and Romania. We were also awarded a National Quality label for this project. This project has now been included in Leargas latest eBook edition of successful Irish eTwinning projects in recent years. Click on the button below to view the eBook. Our project is featured on Page 7.