March 2021

March 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,

It has been a very difficult week for the whole of Our Lady of Fatima School Community.
Despite everyone’s best efforts Covid-19 has affected our school in a huge way.
There has been a lot of fear and worry in all your homes, but this too will pass.
Please understand that any actions we have taken have been in everyone’s best interest. 
No one sets out to catch or spread the virus.  
An affected person and family need support and understanding.  
Continue to take all possible measures to lessen the chance of developing the illness and encourage your son/daughter to do likewise.
Have a peaceful, relaxing Easter.

Stay safe.
Mrs. Waters
Return to School Declaration Form:

Parents are requested to complete a declaration form for children returning to school after any absence. 
Please click on the link below to access this form!

Your child’s teacher will also have shared this link with you on class platforms (Class Dojo, Seesaw, Microsoft Teams)

Common symptoms of Covid-19:If any of these symptoms are present children should NOT attend school 1. A fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius or above)
2. A new cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry
3. Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
4. Loss or change to their sense of smell or taste
5. Sore Throat
6. Headache
7. Diarrhoea
 Parents and Guardians are asked to have a heightened awareness of signs, symptoms or changes in baseline which suggests illness/Covid-19 infection.In addition to this, children should stay at home if feeling unwell in general. A precautionary approach should be taken at all times!
For more information on Symptoms – Click here
A Social Story – Going for a CoVid-19 Test
Our Lady of Fatima School – Sensory Garden Update
Work will begin on this project during the Summer months!  Have a look at the design below!
Students in different classes throughout the school celebrated World Book Day this year on 4th March 2021.
Over the last 24 years, World Book Day has become firmly established as Ireland’s biggest annual event promoting the enjoyment of books and reading. The main aim is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading. This year we took part in Online events, which included “Share a story Live”, a drawing/illustration masterclass and numerous readings from authors. Students can still avail of the numerous resources provided, by clicking on the button below!
Active Schools – St Patrick’s Day Celebration
The whole school took part in our annual St. Patrick’s Day Active Schools Walk on Tuesday, 16th March. The skies were blue and the sun was shining, as we paraded proudly in green! 
Well done to the students who won class prizes this term. Each and every one of our students have shown excellent resilience, adaptability and focus throughout the term. Well done!
St. Patrick’s Day Prizegiving
J1-Aoife Lacey
J2-Kacie Meyler
J3-Leighton Kennedy
J4-Pierce Barry
M1-Liam Kavanagh
M2-Bridget McMahon
M3-John Doyle Flood
M4-Sarah Mylett
S1-Eric Woods

S2-Andrew Beaver
S3-Shanice O’Connor Moorehouse
S4-David Stewart

Student of Term – Easter Prizegiving
J1-Jason Hartigan
J2-Brendan Ahearne
J3-Cathal Wheelock
J4-Alex Murphy
M1-Aden Pitman
M2-Rachel Brown
M3-Tristan Pitman
M4-Katie Webster
S1-Jennie O’Brien

S2-Reece Holden
S3-Jonathan Dunphy
S4-Dillon Murphy
FATIMA FM – St Patrick’s Day Competition 

Students were invited to enter a St. Patrick’s Day in-school competition to celebrate our National Saint’s Day. The theme was: “Proud to be Irish”. Entries included poetry recitals, Irish Dancing, creative arts and lots, lots more!

Congratulations to our runner-up Gabrella in J2 with a wonderful Irish Dancing Performance
Click on the button below to view The Winner – Pierce from J4 in action – A star is born!
ASD Junior Class
Students from the Junior Classes including Isaac, Dominic, Mick, Tadhg, Shreya and Chloe made smoothies as part of their healthy eating topic. 

Senior 2
Senior 2 are using mindful colouring as way to relax and help beat the pandemic blues away!
In addition to this, the entire class have started practicing Tai Chi and really enjoy it. We do it for about 10 minutes every morning. It sets everyone up for the day and helps us to focus!
Junior 2
Junior 2 have been walking the block every day trying to increase their fitness. The route is just over 1km and they time themselves daily to see if there is an improvement. They have also been busy in the garden planting potatoes and strawberries. 

J2 want to wish everyone a happy Easter 

Senior 1
Senior1 are beginning a class project on Dog Fouling on the Streets of Wexford. The purpose of this project is to highlight the seriousness of this topic and create awareness They are researching the health dangers of dog fouling and how it can affect humans especially if they step on it and carry it back into their homes. S1 are determined to underline this important issue by writing to the County Council and the People Paper. Watch this space!

Other news in Senior 1….
Junior 1

Junior 1 have been busy this month learning all about Spring and Springtime on the Farm. We saw lots of signs of spring around the school grounds and on our frequent walks. Lori May has been keeping us up to date on life on the farm and we were very excited to see pictures of the calves that arrived last weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing the lambs soon!  We have planted cress seeds and have also experimented on some without light, without water and without air. 
Look at the photos that display our findings, our Spring themed artwork and our St Patrick’s Day celebration.

Senior 3
 During the months of September and October, the students of Senior 3 cleaned up the garden- they were weeding, digging and clipping! As you can see from the pictures the garden is blooming! The students have sown a variety of seeds, such as carrots, chives, spinach, lettuce and wild flower seeds!  Students have also planted strawberry runners and potatoes! They are starting to sprout, soon we will have our own vegetables to cook with! 

Home Economics 

St Patrick’s Day Celebratory bakingM4 celebrated St Patrick’s Day with delicious Swiss Rolls.  There was lots of creativity with students choosing different flavours and fillings. A real treat!  All the students are increasing their confidence, skills and knowledge of how important good food is for our health. Since returning to school we have make Pizza with handmade yeast dough, Lasagne (not from a box)  and yummy Bakewell Tartlets . Super progress is being made with their textile craft CBA project. You will soon see the results.
Carima Murphy and Sarah Mylett are class prizewinners this term for excellent focus during remote learning cookery lessons. 

Food Literacy Skills exam
Senior 1 has been preparing for their Food Literacy Skills exam. As you may see in the photos they are very organized. I’m very confident they will all do very well.  We have learned a lot this year, and the students are eager to showcase their talents! I’d like to give a big thank you to all the families that have shown great support when their children take over their kitchen.  It’s been enjoyable working together.
 Darragh Moran and Kevin Kinsella are this term’s class prize-winners, for excellent engagement with remote learning.

Middle 3
Middle 3 have just come to the end of one of their eTwinning projects that they have been participating in, this academic year. We engaged online using TWINSPACE with our partners from the following countries: Slovenia, Ukraine, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Portugal.  It is entitled, “Happy Campers”. We chose this project because around the world we are all facing a difficult challenge and living in strange and unpredictable times. We feel that now, more than ever, is the time to highlight small moments of happiness. It’s important to recognise what can make us happy and to share it with others. During the year we learned that the well-being of oneself and others, cultivated in one’s life and in one’s community directly impacts individual and collective flourishing.

A “Happy Camper” is a person who is cheerful and satisfied. We loved the title of this project. The entire experience encouraged us to take a positive look at our lives. During this project we realised and collectively agreed on what makes us all happy. 

Senior 4
Here are some of the activities S4 have been participating in this term

Senior 4 have been busy completing their CBA’s in Geography. Our project is called “Geography in the News”. Well done to all on their hard work. “Green Fingers” – The students have been busy planting strawberries, potatoes and many other seeds for their Incredible Edibles Project .The ‘Just A Minute Quiz’,  has become one of the highlights of the week. This is great fun every Friday morning!S4 are involved in Online Sampling through Teams with Intuition, Cúmas & The National Learning Network. We have also been engaging on a weekly basis (through Zoom & Teams) with Amy Liston (School Leavers Ability Project)
Junior 4Junior 4 Have been doing lots of exercise this month. We especially love GoNoodle and taking our daily walk!
Middle 1
M1 have had a lovely term! We have walked 1k everyday as part of Active Schools. We took part in both a “Hang Tough” and “Wall Squat” challenge! The Domino Challenge in class is getting very exciting! In addition, all the students have worked as a team to complete the necessary maintenance on The Rainbow Garden.  Middle 1 have spent much of this term engaging in “Outdoor Learning”. We celebrated National Tree week through observation and exploration. We also continued to garden – Our daffodils are looking bright and beautiful!


Easter Holidays begin 29th March 2021 @ 12 noon

Return to school – 12th April 2021

Please remember to complete “Return to School Declaration Form” on your child’s return.