School of dreams

School of dreams

Art is an international

About the project

Students start picturing the school, which they have imagined as a result of the written compositions, on 70×100 drawing paper. They draw and paint the school they have imagined from top to bottom, classes, activities in the classes (such ballet, drawing, music classes) as single dimension using pastel paint. Students work as a group and single picture containing the sharing of all students. Picture is left incomplete when the half of the paper is completed and common school is sent via courier. When the study of common school is obtained by other school, students of other school complete the half finished picture. When the study is finished, dreams, desires and expectations of both cultures are gathered in single study. Completed work is hanged on a place, visible for anyone and names of the schools, which have involved such project, are written under the work. Finaly the partners send each other their picture which will complete the whole dream school.


To gather the students from different cultures, to assist them to have common sharing, to make them aware that the art is a common language, even there are kilometres between schools, they can meet through art within the team spirit, to set out different and aesthetic works and to make them aware that also anyone is capable of contributing to such work.


Production of Multicultural Visual Cookbook
Creation of Virtual Maps
Use of Twinspace
Use of common blog
Creation and building of a network of Inclusive schools and the development of social dialogue around the subject of Inclusion- Booklet
To develop new competences and experiences by working with other teachers from different schools with various structures.
To discover new behaviours and approches to the subject of disability in European schools and in society.
To learn more about the structures in education for students with special needs.


Art is an international, various paintings will be completed by teams from different countries.