Dear Parents & Guardians,

This month our Newsletter is a special edition paying tribute to Mikey Kehoe RIP, a much loved and missed member of our school community.
I don’t think anyone who had the privilege of meeting Mikey, even briefly, will not remember him!
He was and will always be an exceptional individual, small in stature but with a huge personality.
We claim him as our own, a superhero who did not let his difficulties define him, a cherished member of the family of Fatima School.
We hope you will enjoy our memories of Mikey.

Mrs. Waters

Junior 1

Remembering Marvelous Mikey

Junior 3

I had the pleasure of teaching Mikey for three years. I had Mikey in my class for two years in Junior 2 and a further year in Junior 3. Mikey was an absolute joy to teach. His positive attitude, determination and zest for life were an inspiration to all staff and to his fellow students.

Nothing was impossible for Mikey. He brought a smile to my face everyday. Mikey’s character, personality and general good nature was infectious, there was never a dull moment and he brought the best out in all of us. I can still picture his warm smile and the thumbs up gesture he would greet me with. I especially will never forget how proud and handsome he was on the day of his First Communion in Junior 3. Even when Mikey was unwell or battling ailments, his positivity and fight were obvious.

His warmth, courage and loving nature were always clear to see. Mikey will never be forgotten and his spirit will live on in us all and within our school.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h’anam dílis

Andy Lehane


Middle 4

Mikey, I had the pleasure of being one of your SNAs in Junior 4. Day after day you arrived in school, always with a smile on your face, guaranteed to cheer me up. You came into the class, got on with your work with gusto, as you couldn’t wait to get on the computer to play FRIV with the boys!
It was an all boys’ class and you all got on great together, you had a special relationship with each of your classmates. Mikey, you just got on with things, whatever they did, you did, big or small. You were the best at the Plank in P.E, you just couldn’t be beaten. You passed away, so innocent and true, a little boy with a precious smile. The time we spent in school with you was a privilege. You taught us so much, you were our SUPERHERO, our Captain America, First Avenger Super Soldier, nothing was impossible, only possible. With an aching heart, we said goodbye to a beautiful boy with a precious smile.
Rest now in heaven, Mighty Mike! Watch over us all in OLF.

Patricia (SNA)

For a special boy
Who brought us great joy
We made a fairy door
We will love you forever more
❤️ Junior 2

Senior 4


Middle 2

Junior 4

Senior 3

Senior 3 students have many fond memories of Mikey Kehoe. We shared our stories, lit a candle and said a prayer in remembrance of Mikey.
 At first, when we were thinking about what to do in memory of Mikey, Seán thought that it would be nice to paint a picture of the sky as Mikey looks down on us every day.  One sunny Thursday morning, we went up to ‘The Rocks’ and painted a picture of the sky and sea. Mikey’s light shone down on us and always will. He will be forever in our thoughts and prayers.
Shanice shares her memories with us:
“Mikey Kehoe was a lovely, kind and funny friend. I have a lot of fond memories of him. When I passed him in the hall, Mikey would always give me a high-five. Mikey always smiled and waved hello. Every time the sun is shining, I know he is looking down on us.”

Middle 3 

Our Lady of Fatima Day 2021

We celebrated Our Lady of Fatima Day on the 13th May. The sun was shining,  for the crowning of the exquisite statue of Our Lady. Mary Prunty (SNA), was the Guest of Honour at the “Crowning Ceremony”. 

Ms Weld and John Tyrrell have produced this wonderful resource for all new students who will be attending Our Lady of Fatima, September 2021. It provides them with a wonderful introduction to staff and a virtual tour of the school building. It will help all new students to navigate their new surroundings. 

Important Information for Parents
Sports Day takes place on Friday 11th June. Unfortunately, due to CoVid-19 restrictions, we CANNOT invite PARENTS/GUARDIANS to attend. Pictures/videos will be uploaded to class platforms after the event.
Please send in a pillow case, potato and spoon for your child’s races. These items must be brought in at least 72 hours beforehand, placed in a sealed bag and labelled.  Also please ensure that your son/daughter is wearing sunscreen/hat and has plenty of drinks for the day.  More details to follow!

Home Economics – Middle 4

Middle 4 continues to be a joy in the Home Economics room. They are a keen, polite and industrious group with a fabulous sense of humour. This month they honed their knife skills, preparing fresh vegetables for their own stir-fries. Each student baked a dozen Rhubarb Muffins. This involved lots of practice measuring different ingredients. Their textile projects are nearly finished, ready to be framed.

Home Economics Senior 1

Senior 1 deserves a huge round of applause. Despite schools being shut down in March 2020, then again in January 2021, having the exam date changed again and again, this group persevered in the Home Economic kitchen. Of course I must give huge credit to their parents for their support. The students practiced over and over at home. Finally, the week of May 10th arrived and we were able to complete the “Food Literacy Practical Exam”. Excellent results were achieved and all the stress melted away, when the students were able to sit down and enjoy the delicious food they prepared. I am very proud of their accomplishments!

Junior 1

This month Junior 1 have been busy learning about Food. We classified foods into Healthy and Unhealthy. We’ve been playing “Shop”. We made delicious fruit smoothies and we made butter – which tasted pretty good on crackers. We learned lots of new food-themed Lámh signs. We learned about composting and recycling and we hope to have our own bag of compost by the end of June to add to the garden. 

Junior 4

This month Junior 4 have been learning a lot about the season of Summer. We have been very creative with some amazing summer artwork. We continued our hard work by completing research on Wexford and it’s county crest. 

Return to School Declaration Form


Parents are requested to complete a declaration form for children returning to school after any absence.
Please click on the link below to access this form!
Your child’s teacher will also have shared this link with you on class platforms (Class Dojo, Seesaw, Microsoft Teams)

Please remember if your child is generally unwell please do not send them into school for at least 48 hours or until completely better!


School closed: Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th & Monday 7th June

Return to school – 8th June 2021

Please remember to complete “Return to School Declaration Form” on your child’s return.