Holidays and celebrations in different European schools.

Holidays and celebrations in different European schools.

About the project

We are going to share our experiences in the way our schools celebrate: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Time, St. Valentines’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, St. George’s Day and The Book Day. The teacher and students will interact through the chat, videoconferences and others tools.


Teachers with new ideas to promote cultural awareness amongst their students this or even next years. Students with greater motivation to learn and use English and with a feeling of cooperation with other students from Europe.


Project work will be based on the curriculum and programming. Most of the work done by the students will be conducted during school hours, trying to develop the skills of students in different areas and subjects. Integration within individual school’s work programs , in many different areas, will assist the teachers to develop the curriculum through this project


  • Widening pupils’ language skills in scope of using English
  • Developing pupils’ ability to use information technology in the learning process.