Anti-Bullying Campaign

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Our School Anti-Bullying Campaign – Respect

About the project

Every year our students are involved in an anti-bullying campaign. The students are actively involved in hands on activities to promote respect for one another and ability to recognise the behaviours that can lead to bullying. This year the theme for our anti-bullying campaign is respect. The students will participate in a variety of activities based on the theme of respect. The activities will be structured and implemented over a six to eight week period beginning on Monday September 5th 2016.


To develop an increased awareness of negative behaviours that can lead to bullying.
To equip the students with tools to recognise and respond effectively to bullying behaviour.
To develop ICT skills and expand student knowledge of ICT.
To develop communication skills through co-operative tasks.
To develop communication and collaborative skills through different partnerships between schools.
To enable the students to become active participants in a one week anti-bullying campaign in the school.
To exchange experiences, methodologies and strategies with partner schools.


Students will learn about each other through Padlet.
Using the chat feature on Twinspace students can get to know each other and discuss the features of the anti-bullying campaign.
Logo competition based on the theme of respect. Students will vote using Survey Monkey to choose the winning logo. One school will be responsible for this task.
Create an acrostic poem accompanied by Lámh sign language. Our Lady of Fatima School will teach the partner school their poem and the Lámh signs. All poems will be presented through PowerPoint on the eTwinning platform.
A collaborative story dealing with the topic of bullying. The story will be developed through input from participants of partner schools. It will be illustrated and presented digitally on Calameo.
A reading of the story will be recorded using Audacity. One partner school will take responsibility for this.
Live event on Twinspace to read story to partner schools.
One week anti-bullying campaign.


On completion of the project the student should be enabled to –
Recognise and respond effectively to bullying behaviours.
Communicate effectively with partner schools using ICT.
Create a logo based on the theme of respect and vote using Survey Monkey to choose a winning logo.
Create an acrostic poem and corresponding Lámh signs to accompany it.
Teach the poem and Lámh signs to a partner school.
Collaborate with partner schools to create a story based on the topic of bullying and the theme of respect.
Participate actively in a one week anti-bullying campaign in the school.
Reflect upon the learning that took place through engagement in the project.