About Our Lady of Fatima School

Our Mission in Our Lady of Fatima School is to provide a happy and secure learning environment where we value and develop the whole person to their full potential and celebrate each student’s uniqueness and personal qualities.

 Our Vision is to be a model school in a caring, encouraging, positive and creative educational environment.

about our lady of fatima school

About Our Lady of Fatima School Programmes

Junior School

There are four classes in the Junior school (J1 to J4). All subjects of the Irish primary curriculum excluding Irish are taught. Aistear is used in the Junior school and learning through play is integral to both teaching and learning. Literacy, Numeracy and SPHE are the 3 main subject areas with great focus on phonics, read-along and early numeracy skills. SPHE and life skills are also seen as crucially important in the junior school. We provide a broad range of extracurricular activities for our pupils including, stretch and grow, swimming and horse riding. We also incorporate and encourage Lámh as an important means of communication.

Middle School

In the classes Middle 2, Middle 3, and Middle 4 students undertake the curriculum called the Junior Certificate Level 2 (JCL2).  This Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) and qualification are targeted at students who have general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories. There are five Priority Learning Units at the heart of this Level 2 Learning Programme. These prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult and working life and lifelong learning. The five PLUs are communicating and literacy, numeracy, personal care, living in a community and preparing for work. Students must also complete two short courses as part of the JCL2 curriculum.

Senior School

The Senior section of Our Lady of Fatima School caters for students aged 16 – 18 years old. Students in the Senior section of the school have the opportunity to engage with Junior Cycle Level 3 Programme. The School also engages in a School Leavers Programme. Our classes comprise of Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3 and Senior 4.

The senior students participate in specific elements of the courses available that best suit their individual educational needs. 

Students are challenged to work to reach their full potential alongside being mindful that the students are enjoying self-paced learning. 

Subjects offered at the Junior Cycle Level 3 are Home Economics, Art, History, English, Maths, Geography and Woodwork. These subjects are taken at Common and Ordinary Level.

These subjects are completed over a three year period.

Senior 1

  • Home Economics and Art are covered.

Senior 2

  • English Classroom Based Assessment 1 (CBA1) is completed.
  • Math Classroom Based Assessment 1 (CBA1) is completed.
  • Geography Classroom Based Assessment 1 (CBA1) is completed.
  • Woodwork – Students attend Selskar College, Wexford for Practical Classes.

Senior 4

  • English Classroom Based Assessment 2 and Final Exam are completed.
  • Math Classroom Based Assessment 2 and Final Exam are completed.
  • Geography Classroom Based Assessment 2 and Final Exam are completed.
  • Woodwork Project & Final Exam are completed. The students attend Selskar College, Wexford, one morning a week for a double Practical class.


Senior 3

  • This class comprises of non- exam students. These students engage with the ASDAN programme, Junior Certificate Level 2 as well as Life skills.

Along with the core curricular subjects, students also participate in the following subject areas:

  • Drama
  • Visual Arts
  • Cookery
  • Digital Technology
  • SESS
  • RSE
  • PE
  • Music
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Horse – Riding
School Leavers Programme

Students in Senior 4 partake in Work Experience. There are two placements throughout the year. November & April Approximately.

School Leavers Ability Project

Students in the Senior section of the school engage in the School Leavers Ability Project. This programme begins with students in Senior 4 and some students from Senior 2 & 3. This project is run through the School Leavers Ability Project based in New Ross. Students attend meetings with Amy Liston (Wexford Area Officer) The aim of this project is to assist with the transition from school to their next placement. 


HSE Profiling

All school leavers that intend to engage with Adult Day Services or Rehabilitative Training are assigned. Forms are filed and individual interviews are held. This will ensure that students receive the necessary funding for their next placement.


The Resource Teacher works with students across the school community from Junior through to Senior classes.  Focus is usually on Literacy and Numeracy difficulties but occasionally help is given with Social and Emotional Issues that may be occurring at any given time.  Resource is provided on a one-to-one basis teaching the student what they need, and helping them become more independent in their studies.

ASD Support

The ASD Support Position is a shared position which was created to support the inclusion of Students on the Spectrum and to help them understand their emotional and Sensory Needs.  ASD Support consists of Group Work and One-to-One tuition of Social and Communication Skills including Sensory Breaks and Life Skill Techniques.

Active Schools

Our school is part of the Active Schools Initiative.

Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland, and part of the National Physical Activity Plan.

The ASF initiative provides schools with a framework to guide, support and incentivise them to work towards achieving a physically educated and physically active school community.

Once awarded, ASF remains valid for a period of 3 years, after which time schools are invited to re-engage with the process.